Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Includes one session of Office Cleaning, with two professional cleaners for up to 1 hour of service including equipment and supplies.

Our regular standard cleanings are very thorough, but if you have special needs and requests we are always available to create customized cleaning packages, just let us know your specific requests.

Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

Office Cleaning


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  1. Reception area or waiting room:
    1. Straighten up area by making sure all chairs and tables are in their proper places.
    2. Reorganize magazines and other items in the room to keep it looking tidy.
    3. If there is a doormat, vacuum so that excessive dirt tracked in on shoes does not spread elsewhere.


  1. Kitchen and/or break room area:
    1. Wash dishes, and then clean the sink. (Large amount of dishes extra)
    2. Wipe down the counter and table tops.
    3. Clean the outside of reachable cabinets.
    4. Wipe inside and out of all appliances such as Microwaves, Refrigerators, coffee machines and others. (oven not included)


  1. Work stations, and other working or common areas such as conference rooms:
    1. Pick up smaller items that may be out of place around the office, including random pens, pencils, notepads or books. Place each item back in its proper place. (If requested).
    2. Dust all surfaces and decorations.
    3. Wipe office surfaces such us counters, tables and desks with a disinfecting cleaner.
    4. Dust the chair and cubicle partitions.
    5. Dust the outside of all the cabinets, wipe where needed.
    6. Disinfect phones at all work stations.
    7. Tidy up the work stations for each person, putting items back in their proper place, and removing clutter. (If requested)


  1. General Office Cleaning:
    1. Disinfect handles of cabinets, door knobs, light switches and other commonly touched areas.
    2. Dust drapes and blinds
    3. Clean windows and other glass surfaces where needed with glass cleaner. (Deep window cleaning is extra)
    4. Clean any other special surfaces with the proper cleaners.
    5. Other specialty cleaners, such as furniture polish, will also be used to clean the proper surfaces, if needed.
    6. Sweep and mop floors. Vacuum floors if the floor is carpeted.
    7. Dust reachable vents and ceiling fans
    8. Trash emptied and trash bags replaced


  1. Bathrooms
    1. Toilets cleaned, and countertops and mirrors wiped
    2. Sinks, faucets, and fixtures cleaned
    3. Cabinet exteriors cleaned
    4. Floors mopped and/or vacuumed
    5. Baseboards dusted
    6. Trash emptied and trash bags replaced


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